Asshole Camp

Genre: Comedia
Description: Dr.
Ben, the most popular relationship guru of the United States is forced to attend a wilderness therapy program experimental.
Actors: Jeff Bacon, Alexia Barton, Kevin Chan,
Director: Jeff Bacon
Writers: Jeff Bacon
Synopsis: Dr.
Ben is a beloved, award-winning talk show host and relationship guru main of America. But in real life, he is a terrible father and husband fucking the biggest idiot in the world. An intervention is staged for Dr. Ben and he soon finds himself in a remote wilderness spot wit the game, capped British camp counselor, Arnett Rutherford. Dr. Ben Rutherford challenges in the same way that Rutherford is encouraging you to take a good objective, hard, himself and his life look. After struggling unsuccessfully Rutherford for the affections of the other campers (Angry Sports Dad, Mum parade, homophobic Frat Guy, passive-aggressive Mrs, sarcastic Fuck and Drama Queen), Dr. Ben tries to escape the camp, but crawling back end group to finally admit that you need help.

Release Date:
1 September 2011
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines  »