Hurricane Smith

Description: Filibusters
South Sea fight for buried treasure and love of the beautiful Luana.
Actors: Yvonne De Carlo, John Ireland, James Craig,
Director: Jerry Hopper
Writers: Frank Gruber
Duration: 90 min
Hurricane Smith and Marooned sailors escape an island of the South Seas for stealing Raikes ship captain who came to the island in search of slaves. Smith sailing boat charters to Australia where Harry Gorvahlsen and Dr. Whitmore who claim to be studying the flora and fauna. To complete your outfit, Smith "Shanghai" Captain Raikes that, for once, has also made its way to Australia. During the course of the trip, it becomes apparent that Gorvahlsen and Whitmore are really looking for a cache of gold that has been hiding on an island in the South Seas. Smith also seeks the gold, which he considers his, as does Captain Raikes. Complicating this 3-way rivalry is a growing romance between Smith and aboard the beautiful daughter of Dr. Whitmore, Luana. Events reach a violent climax when finally the treasure of the island is reached.

Release Date:
3 October 1952
Paramount Studios - 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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